DURATION : 6 x 60' (Clip 17')

For more than half a century, a shared love of canals and narrowboats has been inseparable from the marriage of Timothy West and Prunella Scales.  In 2014, Tim and Pru took to the canals of Britain to record their best-loved trips. Little did anyone guess that their travelogue, and the story of their lives that it revealed, would transcend the programme's gentle facade, becoming something entirely more powerful. From the outset, the possibilities of later life, and the realities of Prunella's dementia, struck a chord with viewers.

Now in its seventh series, the show has been described as 'a hymn to the possibilities of later life' by the Telegraph, and "there is no finer, nor more thought-provoking, travelogue on British television' by The Guardian.  Great Canal Journeys recounts their storied careers as actors while recording their remarkable journeys along some of the world's most scenic waterways.  it explores the trials, but also the joys, of ageing, and how Prunella's struggle with dementia has both changed, and yet failed to change, their lives together. Great Canal Journeys is a warm meditation upon love, learning and life.

Director : Mike Taylor

Exec Producer : Daniela Neumann

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